A.A.Malik SAN’s Coat Of Many Colors

A.A.Malik SAN’s Coat Of Many Colors

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The Biblical Joseph undeniably had a lot going for him, what with being entrusted with power far above his contemporaries; being so highly placed as to be answerable only to the Pharaoh of Egypt; and singlehandedly saving nations from starvation through wisdom and divine inspiration. Yet in many quarters, he is more fondly remembered for his beautiful coat of many colours and the controversy it sparked amongst his own intimidated brethren.

In today’s world, every now and then, we discover men and women with so many well-deserved feathers on their proverbial caps that we cannot help but be reminded of the Biblical Joseph and his eye-catching coat of many colours. These are often men and women who manage to make excellence seem like a language of its very own, what with the seeming ease with which they step into very large shoes of predecessors, fill them up until they expand those shoes, and then have to create newer, bigger shoes for themselves and those coming after. These men and women take life by the scruff of its neck, and shake it until they have tamed it and made it into what they want it to be. These men and women wear the proverbial cap with so many feathers in it that it quickly becomes akin to Joseph’s coat of many colours and becomes the cynosure of all eyes.

In 2017, when I was still relatively a bright-eyed young wig, I was privileged to make the acquaintance of Barr A.A. Malik (now SAN). Two things struck me at once when I met this learned gentleman: he had that undeniable aura of authority and power about him that comes so easily to some senior lawyers. Next, he had a kind demeanour that could put one at ease immediately; this last didn’t come very easily to many seniors of my acquaintance at the time. I remember leaving that meeting in awe of his unparalleled intelligence, his marked humility, his unfailing courtesy and the unusual loyalty I had gleaned in his attitude towards his friends.

Recently, I was privileged to walk into a courtroom in Federal High Court Abuja wherein the learned silk was making a submission. I immediately took a seat and watched with professional glee and riveted awe as the learned silk made thorough mincemeat of the admissibility of a rather important document presented by opposing counsel; and he did it with the casual ease of one taking a stroll across a park.
When Mr Malik SAN took Silk in 2019, so many who knew him personally were immensely cheered at the news. Silk remains a serious zenith in the profession and a great height for any lawyer worthy of the name to strive to attain. It was generally acknowledged that the privilege so bestowed was well-deserved.

More recently, he recorded some other laudable feats. On the 16th of April, 2022 the learned silk and his dear wife were bestowed with the coveted titles of Baamofin and Aare Baamofin and Yeye Baamofin and Yeye Aare Baamofin of Ikeji-Ile and Ira-Ikeji, Oriade LGA, Osun State. Right on the heels of that, he had the Honorary Chieftancy Title of the Adididi of Auchi Kingdom conferred upon him by His Highness, the Otaru of Auchi on the 3rd of May, 2022. Both of these titles, as with most traditional titles, are reserved for individuals who have proven to be bastions of society worthy of emulation. More striking is the fact of conferment of the said Aare title upon the learned silk by His Royal Highness, the Olura of Ira Ikeji-Ile, Osun State, even though the learned silk is not an indigene of that state.

For me, even beyond the laudable achievements, one quality in the learned silk that strikes me and re-educates me every time I am privileged to glean it, is his heart of pure gold. I have learned over the years that what differentiates us as humans is our heart condition. Remember the Biblical Joseph? When he became governor of Egypt, won the respect of foreigners, and saved his murderous brothers in the bargain, he proved once and for all why his coat of many colors had been entrusted to him in the first place: his good heart. Mr Malik SAN, very simply, has a good heart behind his vast intellectual prowess, personal refinement, professional achievements, and other sterling qualities. It is really no surprise that his good heart continues to attract good things to him.

Over the years, I’ve on a couple of occasions, been privileged to observe his dealings with his juniors, contemporaries and seniors, and each time I have come away with the astonished realization that Mr Malik SAN is one of those very rare beings who simply treat everyone with careful consideration regardless of status or position. One time when my NGO, AKAWI, had to buy books for our secondary school kids, I took to social media to request donations of old textbooks for the kids. The Learned Silk saw the post and without more, volunteered to foot the bills for brand new textbooks for the kids with nary a request from us and without meeting the kids in person. When I expressed my surprise at this unexpected magnanimity, he calmly informed me that they were “his kids.” He has since then supported one of our orphaned girls, Rukaiya, in paying her school fees, WAEC and NECO fees without a word of complaint, leaving the little girl baffled and grateful.

When people’s lives become a positive lesson and motivation to others, then they are truly living well and truly worthy of life’s many crowns.

Congratulations sir. We wait expectantly to see what new records you set, Learned Silk. God be with you.

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