After Discovering Sanwo-Olu’s Son Attended Dowen College, Lagosians Worried Over Justice

After Discovering Sanwo-Olu’s Son Attended Dowen College, Lagosians Worried Over Justice

December 10, 2021 Current Affairs 0

After Discovering Sanwo-Olu’s Son Attended Dowen College, Lagosians Worried over Justice

As stated on Dowen’s website, Olumide Sanwo-Olu, the governor’s son, attended the school before proceeding to Bath University, United Kingdom, to study Innovation and Technology Management.

Olumide, who was in Dowen until 2012, bagged a master’s degree from Bath after graduating from the undergraduate school with upper second class honours, and was given an award for achievement in extra-curricular activity.

In a 2012 Dowen College promotional video on YouTube, Ibijoke Sanwo-Olu, Olumide’s mother, now Lagos State first lady, said, “I like Dowen College; they are central; they are up-to-date with their academics. They are standard. They have it.”

Reacting to the video, social media users said the governor will not bring the school his son attended down no matter the evidence against it.

“Lagos State First Lady Ibijoke Sanwoolu features in the 2012 Dowen School Documentary. [This] shows… that Governor Sanwo-Olu’s kids also attended Dowen Secondary School. Do you think the Lagos State Government will play a role in bringing down the school his kids also attended? I doubt it. Only if we are no longer in Nigeria,” a Nairaland user said.

Another social media user said, “Now I see why the government’s response has been slow; I could be wrong though. The internet never forgets!”

Meanwhile, Ibijoke described the death of Oromoni as a big slap on the face of Lagos. “I am aware that the Lagos State Government is at the moment investigating the incident and, honestly, it is something we are not very happy about. It’s a big slap on the face of the education sector, the community, and Lagos State as a whole,” she said in a statement released by Olubukonla Nwonah, Assistant Director of Public Affairs, Office of Lagos State First Lady, on Monday.

“It is a case that is being investigated and for the parents and everybody involved, honestly, we commiserate with them and send our condolences. As I said, the case is being investigated and I will not be able to say much on it at the moment.”

Also, the Lagos State Government ordered the indefinite closure of Dowen College on December 3, pending the outcome of an investigation into the death.

Omoroni, who dreamt of becoming a pilot, died on November 30, after experiencing serious pain from injuries allegedly inflicted on him by a cult group at Dowen College.

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