Bunmi Azeez Adejugbe

Bunmi Azeez Adejugbe

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Bunmi Azeez Adejugbe is a social and political ANalyst ‘ a coach speaker researcher ‘ an entrepreneur Founder of BAA Political Movement is a non-governmental organization that does not belong to a specific political party in Nigeria. It a political movement that is readily available to enthrone quality leadership into our political system in the country which is deeply rooted across the country with the mandate to present and support qualified candidate(s) that can deliver good governance to the people in a given geographical place. These support will be given to people contesting.
Having credible credentials, good character, good records, good achievements and pedigree are important requirements to be considered before giving anyone support. This strong support is mainly for our candidate to win election, thereby causing desired development for the people.

The Vision is

To serve as the largest political movement in Nigeria with mass followers and supporters around the world where qualified Nigerians can actualize their political ambitions serving them as consultancy.

The Mission

To support, mobilize, strategize and canvass votes for qualified Nigerians who have political ambition, ensuring the person win at the poll so as to bring unprecedented development to the masses and the society at large.


  The activities of the political movement during governance period when election is over. 

   To put candidates who will be supported to be elected into political offices on their toes, thereby ensuring they perform well while in office by making sure they deliver to fulfilment their campaign promises to the electorates in rural and urban areas.

To serve as an adviser to candidates supported to be elected into political offices on national issues.

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