Dedicated to Chief Dan Orbih

Dedicated to Chief Dan Orbih

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No living being, even the dead shall share your envy in PDP. When you sleep, smile and when you are awake smile. It is the sun that brightens the day and drives off darkness.

Whatever good you plant for Edo State PDP, may it grow like the piece of yam dug into the earth’s earth but becomes a full tuber ready to eat. May your feet be strong on earth like the baobab tree, fibrous and tap.

Nothing will deny you happiness, for your steadfast for the multitude
Comes with blessings invoked by their prayers.
The farmer clears not only for his crops, but for animals to feed too.

No single three makes a forest, but the Iroko is the King. Continue to reign Kulukulu, the King of Politics, the leader of men.
The air will never deny you breathing space in the forest of politics.

For us, be forever young –
May the angry feet of the defeated never trample on you. Wear you long smiles into the night and be their nightmare in dreams.

Pepper dem gang, sting them, let them touch their arching bodies everywhere, let their venomous spittle fall on their chest, danger to their plans, dagger drawn between each other, tower of Babel. But be cool like the white pigeon and let your lips bring peace and comfort to us.

May God shield you like a baby – no man sees a new born baby without being happy, no woman sees the penis without being glad. May your skin continue to glow like that of an oiled baby, suppleness to sight and touch.

Be weaned from evil, you this Earth’s Honey Milk…you alone knows the plans of the evil ones. Who else knows the armpit smell of the river goddess if not you?

May salt and oil, sugar and water never cease from your tongue. Nothing shall you seek from tears but the infectious smile that best bestride your face…

Pray for us Kulukulu, so we can be in a haste to repay your debt…

May the sound of your footfalls never vanish from sands of our history.

Elempe Dele

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