No Court Barred Me From Public Office Says Ex-AGF Aondoakaa

No Court Barred Me From Public Office Says Ex-AGF Aondoakaa

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Former Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice Chief Mike Aondoakaa SAN has denied media reports that a court barred him from occupying or seeking political office.

Aondoakaa told The Nation, Not TheNigeriaLawyer such media reports and rumors were fabricated by those afraid to go into the governorship.

The governorship aspirant said he was sure of winning the Benue APC ticket no matter the blackmail targeted against me.

According to him: “This is nothing other than people who are afraid of my popularity or reasons best known to them. Or maybe they didn’t read the Supreme Court Judgement.”

The former AGF said the judgement reads in part: “Indeed the issue of qualification for holding the office of the second respondent or any other public office does not arise.’ The second respondent in this case is the office of the Attorney General of the Federation which I held at that time.

“For whatever reason, some people were happy. This was a private dispute between me and somebody. When I left government, they could have accused me of corruption but there was nothing of such despite the hostile manner we parted.

“I was in Rome, doing a United Nations’ job, then the judgement was in the peak of the crisis of the late Yar’adua crisis.

“In September, somebody filed an action which I did not know. He served it on the Ministry of Justice and by October I was removed from office. I was not aware of the case. In fact, the issue was funny, that in 1996, Michael Kaase Aondoakaa had a law firm called MKA Aondoakaa and Co, represented Utan Brama Community in Akwaibom. I was barely less than 10 years at the bar.

“That I represented the Mbara community in Akwa Ibom State and when I became Attorney General I paid the money and shared with them. Look at how easy they would have taken me to EFCC. Somebody sued me for that.

“Ministry of Justice went there and filed a defence and lawyers stopped going there. I was not aware and judgement was entered against me. The issue is now in court again because when I came back after this judgement, we went to the current Attorney General to find out what really happened.

“May be I made a procurement because what I knew was that in 1996 I was practising in Gboko and I wonder why I could have gone to represent people in Akwa Ibom. I went to him to ascertain the fact under the Freedom of Information Act and we got a shocker which is now a matter for the court.

“The said payment was done in 2006 by Bayo Ojo, former Attorney General. The amount the man accused me to have paid was N450million. What Bayo Ojo actually paid was N350m as full and final payment. And the man also said I was pursuing an interest of N700m. This was uncontested facts because I had no defence being unaware and the fact that lawyers from Ministry of Justice stopped going to court.

“The same Supreme Court says a judgement obtained by fraud can be set aside. So, under this Freedom of Information, we went back to court and the matter is in court, so I will not go further. I have served them.

“Now that he said that I am the one who went to court and I shared the money, and now that it is proven that it was Bayo Ojo let’s know what will happen. The case is in court and coming up in March.

“In any case, I read the judgement which says it has nothing to do with me holding public office or contesting election. Assuming even without this judgement, they don’t read the Constitution. What does the Constitution say?

“It says even if you are convicted of offence for breach of code of conduct or public or involving dishonesty, it is only for 10years. Section 122 of the Constitution is very apposite and the code of conduct schedule 15 is very apposite.”

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