Our Priest Deserve Better Treatment- Attendees

Our Priest Deserve Better Treatment- Attendees

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Most of those who attended this year’s celebration of the St. John Mary Vianney held on the premises of St.Agnes catholic church in Maryland, Lagos, are of the believe that the time has come for the church to take better care of it priest.

Many attendees openly express their hope that the project will not suffer any set back and will be completed on time

In his semon, the parish priest of St.Agnes and co chair of the St John Vianney Priest Home Project, Rev.Ft Anthony, called on all Christians most especially Catholics to support wholeheartedly the St. John Mary Vianney Priest Home Project.

“Our continuous love for heaven should lead us to take care of our elderly priest who have also given much of their lives, leading us in the right path as we push to make heaven.”

He further added that the priest spend most of the time in the service of man and God, given him or her no time at all to think of self.

Rev.Ft Fadairo, appreciate all who have heard the voice of the Lord and have contributed and are still committed to doing more, most especially the effort of the financial committee led by Chief Anthony Idibe who has been doing a yoman job in getting the needed funds for the project.

Also speaking during a lunch session, the project director Engr. Biodun Olamide stated that the project has been moving well and the first stage or level of the project has been completed.

He urge christians to stand up and change the narrative by taking care of our elderly priest who have been left to their faith when they are old and gray.

Olamide further added that the building which is a six-story building complex will be completed in the next one to one and half years and would accommodate at least 30 retired priest.

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