‘The Challenge Of Insecurity Needs All Hands On Deck To Confront’ — Obegolu SAN

‘The Challenge Of Insecurity Needs All Hands On Deck To Confront’ — Obegolu SAN

July 21, 2022 Uncategorized 0

*Urges Law Officers to Contribute To Fight Against Insecurity By Ensuring Diligent Prosecution

A Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Emeka Obegolu SAN has described the ravaging insecurity in Nigeria as a phenomenon which requires all hands on deck to combat.

He made this remark while delivering a paper at at the Law Officers Association of Nigeria Anambra Chapter (LOAN) Dinner and Award Ceremony 2022. In the paper which was on the topic: “INSECURITY IN NIGERIA: THE ROLE OF LAW OFFICERS”, the Learned Silk highlighted the damaging effects of insecurity on the country and underlined the contributory roles Law Officers can play to address the menace.

Recalling the notoriety of insecurity in the country, Obegolu in his paper said: “Over the recent years, Nigeria has been enmeshed in a firebox of insecurity leading to records of deaths of innocent civilians, foreigners, some members of the nation’s security personnel, elected officials, and many government workers.

Within the year 2022, Nigeria has experienced different incidence of insecurity affecting all spheres of human life and human endeavor and cutting across every part of the nation. “

According to him, the challenge of insecurity today calls for a collective approach with all hands-on deck to see that insecurity is a thing of the past.

He noted inter alia, that increasing insecurity comes internal displacement of people and the crippling of economic activities in the worst-affected areas, depresses consumer confidence, which in turn reduces consumer spending, deflates foreign direct investments etc.

He further stated that law officers are by their portfolios key players in the administration of justice system. He described them as active agents in the fight against insecurity in any given society.

He equally emphasized the importance of diligent prosecution by Law Officers as an instrument for fighting insecurity. The Senior Advocate said: “Cognizant of the objective of Criminal Justice system being to serve as a deterrence, Law officers are responsible for diligent prosecution of offenders to ensure that there is adequate punishment for crime. Diligence connotes the quality of working carefully, with persistence and much effort. Bringing this to the context of this discussion, law officers must ensure they are careful with evidence, they are persistent regardless of setbacks, and they commit to the prosecution of offences. This way, they can secure conviction of offenders.”

He stressed that Law Officers are lawyers of the government and therefore saddled with the responsibility to work tirelessly and effectively towards the eradication of insecurity. This is more so, because prosecution forms an integral part of the fight against insecurity. He pointed that it is therefore imperative that law officers become diligent in their duties. They are not only to be diligent, but also to be innovative in their approach to fighting insecurity.

He concluded that the fight against insecurity in this nation cannot go on without the active participation of law officers.

He said “Let us therefore gird our loins and work towards the Nigeria that we all desire. An Anambra state where the security of lives and properties is assured; where there is economic growth and development, that truly mirrors the spirit of the Igbo nation.”

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